Endowment Fund

The people of Epiphany have generously gifted assets and planned gifts to provide a permanent fund to further the mission of God. Distribution of proceeds is used for the following purposes:

  • Evangelism - Support for new mission developments in North American with special attention to mission congregations under development in the NC Synod, and support for world missions with special attention to the ministries supported by the Division for Global Mission of the ELCA.

  • Outreach - Support for the social service agencies of the Church to which this congregation relates, especially those of the NC Synod and support for special programs designed for those person in our parish area who are in spiritual and/or economic need.

  • Christian Education - Support for students based on need who are preparing for full-time church vocations within the ELCA or its successor body, with special attention to those persons preparing for Ministers of Word and Service, Ministers of Word and Sacrament, and support for church related leadership training which enables members of this congregation to grow in Christian faith and service to God’s people.

  • Special needs of the congregation that are not normally items in the operational budget.

Through the Endowment Fund, individuals have an opportunity to expand the mission of Epiphany outside of the annual operational and stewardship budget for generations to come. If you would like to contribute to the Fund, please contact a member of the Endowment Committee or indicate “Endowment Fund” on your offering.

(Possibly include bylaws and previous Endowment Fund recipients).

For an application for Endowment Funds, please click this link. The Endowment Committee meets quarterly.